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Redcon1 is already back with another limited flavor of Total War in Rainbow Sherbet

Redcon1 Rainbow Sherbet Total War

Redcon1 is no stranger to flavor extensions; in fact, since its first two or three years in the sports nutrition industry, we’ve seen more of those than completely new supplements, especially flavors for its original stimulant pre-workout Total War. It was only three weeks ago we got another one of those — a new taste to experience for Total War — with the limited-time Blackberry Lemonade, only available in a small 15-serving tub and exclusive to a bundle with a sweatshirt.

Following on from Blackberry Lemonade, Redcon1 has turned traditional sweet ice cream into an option for its Total War pre-workout in Rainbow Sherbet, putting a colorful flavor call out on the bottle as well as giving it an equally colorful neckband. Similar to Blackberry Lemonade, the Rainbow Sherbet Total War comes with 15 servings per tub, half the usual 30, and it’s exclusive to a bundle where you get a handheld blender, although the set isn’t all that expensive at $29.99.

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