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Sooshbrah recreates the classic cocktail Tequila Sunrise for Gorilla Mind’s High-Stim pre-workout

Sooshbrah Tequila Sunrise High Stim Gorilla Mode

Gorilla Mind has revealed the flavor collaboration it has put together in partnership with its premier ambassador Sooshbrah, following the special edition Strawberry Jam High-Stim Gorilla Mode it did with another athlete, in James English. Based on everything we saw in the reputable and fast-growing brand’s original teaser, it looked as though the Sooshbrah collaboration would be a summery flavor also for the High-Stim Gorilla Mode.

It turns out we were pretty spot on with our speculation, as Gorilla Mind has taken the covers off its Sooshbrah product, and it is a refreshing summery flavor creation with the cocktail-inspired Tequila Sunrise, which is traditionally a mix of orange juice and grenadine. The taste has also been put together for the same supplement as James English’s Strawberry Jam, with the potent and hard-hitting High-Stim Gorilla Mode.

While it hasn’t been confirmed, we’re assuming the formula behind Sooshbrah’s Tequila Sunrise High-Stim Gorilla Mode is the same as what we got in the Strawberry Jam one, as the name of the supplement is the same, and the tub’s dimensions look identical. The brand is planning to launch its second ambassador collaboration of the year shortly, on precisely Monday the 5th of next month, which is three weeks from yesterday.