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Guerilla Strength is up next from We Go Home and it sounds like a creatine-based muscle builder

We Go Home Reveals Guerilla Strength

We Go Home has grown to become an impressively reputable and well-put-together brand where every time it comes out with a supplement, you can count on it giving you everything you need for its intended purpose. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the brand build on its strong reputation with an entry into the sleep category with the Zylaria-backed Zero Dark Thirty and a genuinely premium and advanced protein powder in MOAP.

Next up from We Go Home is a supplement named Guerilla Strength, which for now, is only being teased with just the image above to go off and a vague description. That description is indeed incredibly vague, with the brand simply saying fans will be blown away with what’s packed into the product. There are some details we can gather from the image provided, although we are speculating, as there isn’t enough to be certain of anything at the moment.

We Go Home’s Guerilla Strength is designed to support strength, power, performance, and recovery, and based on the supplements it already has in its lineup, we’re going to guess it’s a daily, creatine-based muscle builder. Firstly the product is unflavored, making it something that can be easily stacked, like most creatines, and it tips the scales at 8.8g a serving, giving enough room for a full 5g dose of creatine monohydrate, and knowing the brand, there will be other complementing ingredients in the mix.

As mentioned, We Go Home has gotten to the point where every time it comes out with something new in the world of supplements, it’s worth taking a look at, and Guerilla Strength will likely be another solid effort. We’ll share more details when they come in, but we feel a daily muscle builder centered around creatine with maybe Senactiv, elevATP, and some other performance and power components would be a great fit for the brand.