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Blend style protein powder from Women’s Best adds two delicious-sounding flavors

Womens Best Fruity Cereal And Munchies Fit Pro Whey Protein

The hugely successful and internationally available women’s active nutrition company, Women’s Best, has two tasty new flavors for one of its many protein powders in Fit Pro Whey Protein. The supplement is separate from the brand’s other proteins like Shape Body Shake, ISO Whey Protein, and Vegan Protein, due to it relying on a blend of whey concentrate and isolate to provide 23g of protein a serving with a lean 109 calories.

The two flavor extensions from Women’s Best for Fit Pro Whey Protein are somewhat nostalgic in the cereal-inspired Fruity Cereal and the delicious-looking Munchies, which is a combination of rich and decadent milk chocolate, and sweet and salty caramel. They’re both already available directly through the brand’s online store alongside the mountain of other tastes for the product, like Chocolate Coconut, Raspberry Vanilla, and Mixed Berry.

Unlike most of the other flavors for Fit Pro Whey Protein, Women’s Best has only produced Fruity Cereal and the tasty Munchies for the smaller 1.1lb, 17 serving tub size of the protein powder, which directly from will cost you $29.90