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Australian newcomer drops its first product since launch in another flavor for its high-powered pre-workout

Zombie Labs Poisonous Passionfruit Cross Eyed

The brightly colored Australian sports nutrition company Zombie Labs, which has still yet to hit the half-a-year-old mark, has its first product extension this week, adding to the four separate supplements it debuted with. The very first development from the heavily illustrated and zombie-themed brand is another flavor for one of its two pre-workouts, not the balanced Infected, but Zombie’s more stimulant-focused Cross-Eyed.

Despite being a new supplement company, Zombie Labs didn’t hold back on the flavor side of things when it hit the market, launching three options for each of its products; Infected, Cross-Eyed, Pumpz, and Molotov. Cross-Eyed is now the only product from the newcomer to have four tastes to choose from, and the newest is already available through the brand’s online store at $79.95 (54.03 USD) with an exotic Poisonous Passionfruit.