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Be Legend introduces its bulk creatine in a 300g and much more cost-effective 1,000g bag

Be Legend Bulk Creatine

Creatine is one of the more common standalone supplements in the sports nutrition industry, with most companies putting together products in unflavored powder and only featuring creatine, typically creatine monohydrate, to support muscle strength and size. The latest from Be Legend in Japan has gone ahead and done precisely that, with the simply named Be Legend Creatine available in two rather large size options.

The supplement from Be Legend follows that traditional approach of featuring only creatine monohydrate and nothing else to support muscle strength, size, performance, and powder. There is no flavor to Be Legend Creatine, making it easier to combine with other supplements like pre-workouts and post-workouts, and it comes with plenty of servings, so regardless of which of the sizes you grab, they’ll both last a while.

Be Legend Creatine is available from the brand’s website in a 300g pouch, working out 60 servings with a reliable 5g dose in every serving, or supersize and go for the 1,000g option, getting you a huge 200 servings to last a little more than half a year when taken once a day. The 1kg bag is the cheaper of the two sizes at ¥5,382 (37.46 USD) then the smaller 300g is about 25 to 30% more a serving at ¥2,052 (14.28 USD).

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