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Peach Iced Tea makes it five flavors for Beyond Raw’s powerhouse Concept X pre-workout

Beyond Raw Peach Iced Tea Concept X

Beyond Raw recently released the first flavor extension of its packed-out, premium pre-workout Concept X, featuring a laundry list of impressive features and highlights. Driving the comprehensive experience Concept X has to offer is a hefty 6.4g of high-quality CarnoSyn beta-alanine, half a gram of Rephyll for its ability to improve recovery and reduce muscle soreness, Dynamine, pump-enhancing Nitrosigine, and so much more.

The flavor Beyond Raw recently welcomed to the menu of its powerhouse Concept X pre-workout was Watermelon Lemonade, going alongside its original three tastes; Sweet & Tart, Gummy Worm, and Orange Mango. It turns out the GNC-exclusive brand had one more option up its sleeve, and if you head over to GNC’s online store, you can purchase flavor number five for the supplement in an intriguing Peach Iced Tea Concept X.