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Body Tech’s premium pre-workout expands its menu one year later with Cherry Ice

Body Tech Cherry Ice Altered Strength

The Vitamin Shoppe’s house brand Body Tech is another sports nutrition brand that has taken the premium approach to the pre-workout category in the last year or so, putting together a packed-out competitor for the fiercely competitive space. That supplement is Altered Strength, and it features some strong highlights, including the quality beta-alanine CarnoSyn at a full 3.2g, AlphaSize alpha-GPC at a rather light 100mg, 7g of citrulline malate, premium KSM-66, and 333mg of energizing caffeine.

Body Tech’s premier pre-workout hit the market around this time last year at The Vitamin Shoppe, and it did so in three flavors with Rocket Pop, Candy Gains, and Charged Grape. The brand is giving back to Altered Strength this month by way of an additional option, pushing its menu to a total of four. Joining those original three tastes mentioned is a cherry-themed Cherry Ice, available now at, and if you get in shortly, there is a buy one get one half-price promotion on the supplement.