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Elderflower freshens up Bodylab’s Clear Whey menu as Denmark moves into summer

Bodylab Elderflower Clear Whey

Bodylab in Denmark, known for its incredibly extensive selection of sports nutrition supplements, has expanded the menu of one of its many different protein powders in the clear and refreshing Clear Whey. The product initially came to the market in three options with Cola Lemon, Raspberry Rush, and Ice Tea Peach, all packing 25.8g of protein from premium whey isolate and an impressively lean calorie count of 105.

The number of flavors available for Bodylab’s Clear Whey protein powder has since grown quite a bit since its debut, adding the likes of Green Apple and Sweet Orange, and with summer now in full swing in Denmark, another taste has been added to the refreshing family of flavors. Joining the menu as we move into the second half of the year is an intriguing and rather unique Elderflower with that same 25g of protein and 105 calories.

Bodylab is known to celebrate new releases with deals and discounts through its website, and the all-new Elderflower Clear Whey is no different; as for a limited time, the flavor extension is about 30% off, dropping a half-kilogram bag of about 16 servings from 259DKK to 179DKK (26.23 USD).