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Dragon Pharma unveils its 4th Of July-themed American Juice flavor of its Venom pre-workout

Dragon Pharma American Juice Venom

Dragon Pharma has been pretty busy this year in the area of flavor extensions, creating some incredibly intriguing tastes, all for its signature stimulant-powered pre-workout, Venom. The flavors the brand released for the supplement include Passion Fruit, Caipirinha, Mangonada, and Tamarindo, all but Passion Fruit being inspired by the traditional drink or food of the same name, such as the classic Mexican mango sorbet and chili dessert.

With the 4th Of July celebrations currently kicking off, unsurprisingly, Dragon Pharma has announced another special edition taste for 2023 themed around the occasion, and it is once again a limited flavor for the pre-workout Venom. For Independence Day, the brand has combined orange soda, strawberry, and blueberry for a refreshing experience called American Juice, and it’ll be going live this coming Monday, the day before the 4th.