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Biotin Gummies continues to expand EVL’s growing selection of gummy supplements

Evl Biotin Gummies

Long-running and reliable EVL jumped on the gummy supplement trend around this time last year with one product after another in Omega+DHA Gummies and then Elderberry Gummies, both featuring the ingredients highlighted in their names. The brand was certainly one of the earlier adopters of the delicious gummy format, and it continues to show that side of its lineup some attention as it has since dropped another supplement in the tasty candy style.

Joining EVL’s Omega+DHA Gummies and Elderberry Gummies in the last few months is Biotin Gummies, and like those other two products, the main ingredient in this one is right in the name. Every delicious two-piece serving of the strawberry-flavored gummy supplement has 5,000mcg or 5mg of biotin to support healthy hair, skin, and nails. Directly through EVL’s online store at, you’ll pay a reasonable $9.99 for a 30-serving bottle of Biotin Gummies.

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