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Finaflex puts 10g of creatine and 1.2g of alpha-GPC into its pre-workout for freaks

Finaflex Engage

Following its sneak peek, Finaflex has completely revealed and released its all-new pre-workout Engage, described and promoted right on the front of its label as a “pre-workout for freaks”. We didn’t know what to expect formula-wise from this one purely because the brand was already known for its original stimulant-focused competitor in the category Stimul8. We also weren’t sure if Finaflex would jump on the trend of premium and packed pre-workouts.

Finaflex’s Engage is quite a surprising supplement, as it has an incredibly over-the-top dosed formula, but at the same time, it’s not overly filled out. The brand has brought together just five key ingredients for the pre-workout, all fairly common, and two of them are at dosages you won’t see in almost any other product. The other three are at respectable amounts, again, making for an interesting combination that’s heavily dosed although not hugely diverse.

Finaflex Engage Label

Filling out each serving of Finaflex’s pre-workout for freaks, Engage, is 3.2g of beta-alanine for performance, 8g of citrulline malate at a 2:1 citrulline to malic acid ratio for muscle pumps, and a strong 360mg of caffeine for energy. You then have the supplement’s two highly dosed components in 1.2g of alpha-GPC for focus, typically included at 600 to occasionally 800mg, and strength and performance-powering creatine monohydrate at 10.5g, which is almost never more than 5g, even as a standalone product.

We didn’t know what to expect in Finaflex’s Engage pre-workout, and in turn, we were treated to a formula that we simply did not see coming, but it has all of the features you need to support each of the core benefits in energy, focus, pumps, and performance. The brand has positioned Engage as its more premium offering in the competitive category, giving it a price tag of $49.99 for a tub of 20 full servings in Lemonade, Apple, and Watermelon flavors.