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Finaflex takes an alternative approach in its capsule format hydration supplement

Finaflex Pre Hydr8

Finaflex has been all over the news and headlines lately with its exciting relaunch of sorts, where it has taken on a completely new, fresh, and modern look for its family of sports nutrition supplements, but that’s not where it ends. The long-running brand has been adding and revamping several products in its catalog, and today we have another one of those following Engage and Stimul8 with the hydration formula Pre-Hydr8.

Hydration has become a booming category this last year or two, with supplements from brands of all shapes and sizes, taking traditional to unique approaches in beverage and powder format. Finaflex’s Pre-Hydr8 does stick to a somewhat familiar blend of ingredients, bringing together coconut water, four essential electrolytes, some dextrose, and a bit of glycerol at 150mg a serving, although overall, the product has some interesting goals.

Finaflex Pre Hydr8 Label

The name Pre-Hydr8 does make Finaflex’s hydration supplement sound like some sort of pre-workout, which is partially the case. While a lot of hydration products aim to replenish electrolytes, Pre-Hydr8 is designed to prevent dehydration by maintaining hydration and retaining electrolytes while exercising. Finaflex encourages you to take it before you get going, and you couldn’t drink it while working out anyway, as it’s been packaged into capsule format, not the traditional flavored powder in tubs or sticks.

Pre-Hydr8 is available beginning this month through Finaflex’s online store, alongside its recently released premium pre-workout Engage and the soon-to-be-released sequel Stimul8 2.0. The price of a bottle of the brand’s hydration-maintaining supplement is $35.99, and that comes with the usual 30 servings. Being a hydration product the formula is quite versatile, and can be stacked with any other pre-workout from Finaflex.