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Finaflex previews its upcoming pre-workout for freaks featuring a hefty 27g serving size

First Look At Finaflex Engage Pre Workout

When the Oatmeal Protein Pie and Power Pie innovator Finaflex announced its acquisition of the long-running reputable brand Purus Labs, it said it had some promising things planned for later this year. It didn’t go into too much detail about what it had up its sleeve, only that it had plenty of excitement planned, but to start the month of June, we’ve finally got a look at some of that with an image of an all-new and upcoming supplement.

As you can see in the picture above, on the way from Finaflex is a product named Engage, and right on the front of its label, it proudly says it’s a “pre-workout for freaks”. While the preview doesn’t confirm any specific ingredients or dosages, the weight confirms the brand is not playing around on this one. Finaflex’s Engage pre-workout will weigh 545g, and have 20 servings a tub, each tipping the scales at a sizeable 27.25g.

The size of the serving makes it pretty clear Finaflex will be stuffing its pre-workout for freaks with some rather robust dosages, and a lot of them, as 27g leaves a substantial amount of room for actives. The picture of Engage surfaced on the brand’s own website, suggesting it can’t be too far away from becoming available, and something else fans will notice is the pre-workout is bringing with it a fresh new look for Finaflex.

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