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House brand GAAM offers a softer protein snacking experience that still looks delicious

Gaam Soft Bar

Proteinboalget’s house brand GAAM Nutrition has been busier than usual this year, revealing and releasing a whole host of products, most of them being on its functional side in flavor extensions for the likes of the energizing beverage GAAM Energy. That focus on convenience and on-the-go items continues this week with the introduction of a completely new protein bar, going alongside its already available signature, GAAM Protein Bar.

The newest edible snack from Proteinbolaget and GAAM Nutrition reveals its point of difference compared to GAAM Protein Bar right in its name with GAAM Soft Bar. Similar to the unbeatable Barebells Protein Bar versus Barebells Soft Protein Bar, the all-new GAAM Soft Bar is a softer and smoother experience. Build-wise, it has a soft and smooth base topped with a gooey layer, then it’s all wrapped in deliciously rich milk chocolate.

Pictures certainly make GAAM Nutrition’s GAAM Soft Bar look like quite the delicacy, and the macros are pretty on point too, with 19g of protein a piece, despite it being a little smaller than the usual 60g at 55. That respectable amount of protein comes alongside 5.6 to 6.5g of fat, 18 to 19g of carbohydrates, under 2g of that sugar, and sub-200 calories at 188 to 193.

To start, there are two flavors available for the GAAM Soft Bar, both covered in realistic chocolate, although one is more an all-out chocolate experience than the other in a sweet and salty Toffee, then you have the decadent sounding Brownie. You can grab the product from the house brand’s exclusive retailer Proteinbolaget, where single bars are SEK 25 and boxes of 12 are SEK 199 with all one flavor or six of each of Toffee and Brownie.