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Klout is turning its premium pre-workout into a family of products with KAIO Pump & Performance

Klout Teases Kaio Pump And Performance

Klout has plenty of supplements filling out its catalog, although one area it has more to offer than most is pre-workout, with three to choose from in Karma, the higher-stimulant Mamba, the capsule format Pump Kap, and the premium competitor KAIO. That is plenty to choose from, and now the brand is getting ready to introduce a spin-off of the packed-out pre-workout KAIO, intriguingly named KAIO Pump & Performance.

At the moment, all we know about Klout’s upcoming KAIO Pump & Performance is the title, and from that, we can gather it comes packed full of ingredients to support muscle pumps, performance, and endurance. With the name KAIO attached, it’s good to assume we’re getting the premium and loaded dosages similar to what’s in the original KAIO pre-workout; however, the lingering question is, what type of supplement is it?

Klout has not made it absolutely certain that KAIO Pump & Performance is a pre-workout, like the regular KAIO, which already has plenty in it to drive pumps and performance like 2.25g of NO3-T nitrates, 150mg of proven elevATP, and 3.2g of beta-alanine. There is a good chance the KAIO spin-off is another pre-workout and can stack with the original to add more pumps and performance, but there are other possibilities.

For the next couple of days, we’re left speculating as to what exactly Klout has planned in KAIO Pump & Performance, as in two days, on Tuesday, all will be revealed, from the look of the supplement through to the formula. We look forward to seeing how this one turns out as the still young and growing brand turns its premium, well-rounded pre-workout KAIO into a family of sports nutrition products.

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