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Promising Game Day Overtime going live on Wednesday of next week

Man Sports Counts Down To Launch Of Game Day Overtime

MAN Sports recently revealed the formula powering the latest entry in its long-running family of reputable Game Day-named pre-workouts, introducing the genuinely loaded Game Day Overtime. It boasts highlights such as 9g of pure citrulline, a combined 2g of premium NO3-T nitrates, premium NeuroFactor, 400mg of alpha-GPC, a full 5g of creatine monohydrate for strength and power, and 400mg of energizing caffeine.

Game Day Overtime is looking like a supplement worth picking up for fans of pre-workouts in general, and MAN Sports has confirmed precisely when it is going to be available for purchase. The reputable brand is counting down to Wednesday, the 28th of this month, and that is when the product is arriving. It will be going live directly through, and we suspect it’ll be around the same price as the previously released and similarly stacked Game Day Fully Loaded at $49.99.

MAN Sports is known to sell out quickly with releases, and we can see Game Day Overtime going that route based on the brand’s long-standing reputation in the category and how good its latest effort looks on paper.

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