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Seven popular mushrooms come together for Morphogen’s dedicated mushroom product

Morphogen Nutrition Shrooms

Various mushroom extracts can be found all throughout the sports nutrition industry, scattered across and made use of in many different categories in many different ways. From pre-workouts for extra performance to general health for immune support and in nootropics for focus and cognition. While some brands make use of one or two here and there, occasionally, you get a company bringing several of them together into a single supplement like Flow’s Shroomies and Gorilla Shroom.

The specialized brand Morphogen Nutrition, has just come out with its own comprehensive mushroom product that follows the format mentioned, combining seven different mushroom extracts into a single capsule supplement. Every three-capsule serving of the newly released Morphogen Shrooms features exactly 200mg each of chaga, lion’s mane, cordyceps, reishi, turkey tail, maitake, and shiitake fruiting body mushrooms, which come to a total of 1.4g of mushroom extracts.

Morphogen Nutrition Shrooms Label

Morphogen Nutrition promotes many of the benefits you see some of those mushrooms attached to when they’re by themselves, such as cognition, neuroprotection, health, wellness, immunity, and mood. You do get a full 30 servings in every bottle of Morphogen Shrooms, so when taken once a day as directed, it’ll last you a typical month. The cost of the mushroom-specific product is also that of the brand’s essentials at $36, not the consistent price of its premium items at $56.