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Myprotein-branded cereal, yogurt and cheese coming to supermarkets in the near future

Myprotein Talks Cereal Yogurt And Cheese

Word got out yesterday that Myprotein has much more in store for the frozen section at Iceland supermarkets in the UK than just its sweet and creamy protein-packed ice cream. The sports nutrition giant revealed that following its pots of ice cream with up to 32g of protein in three delicious flavors, it is launching two more mouthwatering functional innovations in Protein Ice Cream Sticks and chocolate-filled Protein Ice Cream Bars.

News of the promising high-protein ice cream sticks and bars from Myprotein is great, although much to our surprise yet again, the sports nutrition company has shared even more excitement in the world of grocery, not specifically the frozen aisle. Also currently in the works and planned by the brand are Myprotein breakfast cereals, yogurts, and cheese coming to supermarkets like the frozen meals and ice cream in Iceland.

While it has not been confirmed what kind of functional approach we’ll get in those traditional foods, coming from Myprotein, we suspect the cereals, yogurts, and cheese will have some sort of better-for-you angle like more protein, lower sugar, or better overall calories. The international company has certainly been showing its strength in the mainstream grocery space this year with the clean meals and ice cream, but as you can see, Myprotein is not planning to slow that pace in any way, anytime soon.

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