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Original Gorilla Mind Energy flavors aren’t being restocked in time for Tiger’s Blood and Lychee Bomb

Restocking Of Original Gorilla Mind Energy Flavors

Gorilla Mind surprised fans yesterday by announcing that alongside its strawberry, watermelon, and coconut experience Tiger’s Blood, it is launching another flavor for Gorilla Mind Energy in the sweet and refreshing lychee recipe, Lychee Bomb. While two extensions are impressive for an energy drink that got its first new flavor just a few weeks ago and has only been on the market for two months, this is precisely what the brand promised.

Gorilla Mind said following the debut of its efficaciously dosed energy and focus-supporting beverage, it would drop another flavor every month for the next year, something that Tiger’s Blood and Lychee Bomb are ensuring remains true. Both of those products are going live in the brand’s online store on Monday of next week, and if you were wondering what’s happening with the flavors that came before it, we have some information to shed light on that situation.

Currently, Gorilla Mind Energy is sold out of all five current flavors on the Gorilla Mind website. If you were hoping to try any of those — Arctic White, Exotic Kiwi, Orange Rush, Black Cherry Vanilla, and Strawberry Candy — when Tiger’s Blood and Lychee Bomb arrive, you won’t get the chance to do that just yet. The brand has confirmed the upcoming flavors will debut without restocks of any others, although those out-of-stock options are returning in the near future.