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SEEQ creates an exclusive website and secret code to gain access to vaulted flavors

Seeq Unvaults Lemonade And Strawberry Splash

Similar to some other sports nutrition brands on the market, the protein powder specialist SEEQ occasionally locks away, or vaults, various flavors of its signature supplement, Clear Whey Isolate Protein. The company’s citrusy Lemonade was previously vaulted, and back in March, the same thing happened to the original Strawberry Splash. The reason it’s referred to as vaulted and not discontinued is that it means the product may indeed return and is not gone for good.

This month, SEEQ is and has unvaulted the two flavors of Clear Whey Isolate Protein removed from its ongoing lineup in Lemonade and Strawberry Splash. What’s happened is the brand put together the website, where you enter the secret code “62023” to gain access. Inside you will see listings of Lemonade and Strawberry Splash, although there were only 70 units made available for each, and as you’d expect, fans quickly snatched them up.

SEEQ just shared a few hours ago, but it clearly didn’t take long for followers to crack the code, get inside, and grab the vaulted flavors of Clear Whey Isolate Protein. The good news is that code “62023” is in reference to an actual date, specifically Tuesday, the 20th of this month. On that day, the brand is doing something else involving its vaulted Lemonade and Strawberry Splash flavors, so be sure to tune in on that day for what we’re guessing will be another opportunity to grab the limited flavors of protein powder.

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