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Pre-workout Face/Off from Apollon and Panda goes live on their respective websites

Where To Buy Apollon And Panda Face Off Pre Workout

One of the biggest stories of the week was the announcement of Apollon Nutrition coming together with Panda Supplements for a special edition supplement that goes by the name of Face/Off. It is an incredibly well-presented pre-workout, with a lot of that being driven by Panda, and on the inside, you get a loaded formula for intense energy and focus, as well as pump and performance support and Apollon is the one mostly taking responsibility for that.

You can check out all of the reliable ingredients and potent dosages Apollon Nutrition and Panda Supplements have squeezed into their pre-workout collaboration, Face/Off, in this breakdown post here. As expected, the product is not short on highlights, packed to the brim with the likes of 8g of pure citrulline, 2g of tyrosine, 3.5g of beta-alanine powering performance, and potent stimulants like eria jarensis, caffeine, and isopropylnorsynephrine.

When the pre-workout Face/Off was initially announced, it was said to be launching today, and now following through on that promise, Apollon Nutrition and Panda Supplements have it available for purchase through their respective online stores. The flavor of the collaboration is a sweet blend of strawberry and passionfruit called Hooligan’s Blood, and regardless of whether you buy it from Apollon’s or Panda’s website, the price is $59.99 for a tub.