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Apollon further refines its powerhouse nootropic Overtime with about 40% more eria jarensis

Apollon Nutrition Overtime V5

Quickly following the packed-out revamp of its pump-enhancing supplement Bloodsport with 10g of pure citrulline and a never-before-seen 1,016mg of VasoDrive, hardcore king Apollon Nutrition has unveiled a new and improved version of its intensely effective nootropic, Overtime. The latest reformulation of the brand’s energy, focus, and cognition-enhancing product is version five, and enough of a change for Apollon to call it a sequel.

Fans of Apollon Nutrition and its powerhouse nootropic Overtime can expect the same sort of experience in the upcoming supplement as its predecessor. In fact, it will be incredibly similar as only one ingredient and dose has been changed. Everything else is exactly the same, from the product’s 2g of tyrosine and 800mg of alpha-GPC for focus, 50mg of Kannaease branded kanna, and a potent half a gram of caffeine for intense energy.

Apollon Nutrition Overtime V5 Label

Where the single change comes in is Apollon Nutrition has increased the amount of the strong energy and focus ingredient eria jarensis, which was in the previous iteration of Overtime at 350mg in a maximum eight capsule serving. 350mg is not a light amount by any means, with many brands that utilize eria jarensis sitting a little lower, although for Overtime V5, that has been pushed even further to 500mg, and that should have a noticeable impact on the overall strength and intensity of the premium nootropic.

Apollon Nutrition hasn’t made as many changes from V4 to Overtime V5, as it has in previous sequels, but that’s not too surprising considering how loaded the supplement already is and how quickly the brand has tweaked and evolved its signature products over the years. The latest edition of Overtime will be going live in Apollon’s online store this coming Friday, and with the same price as its predecessor of $59.95 for a bottle of 20 servings.