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Lower caffeine Pre-Workout 100 Series from Bucked Up is finally getting a second flavor

Bucked Up Pre Workout 100 Series Blackberry Lemonade

Bucked Up has been busier than ever this year, rolling out products left and right, most of which have been flavor extensions, although that’s involved plenty of fun and excitement. The popular brand has shown just how creative it can be with various tastes and options for some of its more popular supplements, and this week, we’ve got more of that from Bucked Up quickly following the recent release of its Miami expansion.

The latest from the supplement company is a Blackberry Lemonade flavor, and it’s been put together for every product in the Pre-Workout 100 Series. That is Bucked Up’s rather unique collection of its four most popular pre-workouts featuring all of the same ingredients and dosages but lower caffeine at 100mg. Those four products are the self-titled Bucked Up, BAMF, Woke AF, and the hybrid fat-burning pre-workout LFG Burn.

Each of those supplements in Bucked Up’s Pre-Workout 100 Series, as mentioned, is about to get a sweet and refreshing Blackberry Lemonade flavor which is sorely needed as previously, the entire family only had one taste on the menu in Strawberry Lemonade. The Blackberry Lemonade Bucked Up, BAMF, Woke AF, and LFG will be launching this coming Thursday, and if there isn’t any sort of deal or discount, you’ll be paying $49.95 a tub for Bucked Up or $54.95 for a tub of any of the other three.

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