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Citrus Burst revealed as the first flavor extension for Chris Bumstead’s BUM Energy drink

Citrus Burst Bum Energy Drink

It wasn’t long ago that Chris Bumstead debuted his energy drink Bum Energy in a short 12oz can, similar to most sodas, as opposed to the traditional 16oz energy drink can or even the slim and sleek 12oz. The brand and beverage hit the market in a pair of flavors with Cherry Frost and our preferred taste of the two, the sweet Orange Sunrise, packing a low 112mg of natural caffeine for energy and 250mg of premium Cognizin citicoline to enhance mental focus and cognition.

Bum Energy officially launched back in March, so a little under four months ago, but despite that young age, the first new flavor for the energizing beverage has been announced, which will push the menu to a total of three tastes. The upcoming product is Citrus Burst Bum Energy, which is rather interesting since there is already the citrusy Orange Sunrise, although based on the colors of Citrus Burst, this one looks like it’ll be the classic combination of lemon and lime.

We’re not sure exactly when the flavor extension will be rolled out to the many stores and stockists carrying the growing Bum Energy from Chris Bumstead, but it certainly sounds like it’ll be soon. The online retail giant Amazon is actually already listing the product in preparation for its arrival, and while it is out of stock, you can’t place an order for it to be shipped as soon as possible, with the retailer pricing cases of 12 cans of Bum Energy relatively reasonable at $29.99.