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Combat Fuel is about to make a high protein breakfast easier and tastier

Combat Fuel Protein Pancakes

Combat Fuel in the UK is about to make things a little easier for those that want a protein-packed breakfast but want that protein in something more fluffy and familiar as opposed to, say a traditional protein shake. The growing brand has put together Protein Pancakes, and as the name of the supplement suggests, it is a powder mix that you can quickly and easily turn into protein-packed pancakes in the comfort of your own home.

The way Combat Fuel’s Protein Pancakes work is you combine it with water to turn the product’s powder into a classic pancake batter, then you pour it into the pan like you would with any other pancake batter, cook, and serve. We don’t know what any of the macros in the supplement are yet, but it will soon be available for purchase through the brand’s online store, revealing all of the finer details like nutrition profile and ingredients.

Combat Fuel is relatively reliable when it comes to sports nutrition products, so we have to imagine it doesn’t plan on disappointing in Protein Pancakes, providing a solid nutrition profile with an experience close to traditional pancakes in at least one confirmed flavor with Butterscotch.