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Newcomer Diligent Self is launching with a hybrid product that blends hydration and pumps

Diligent Self Hydration X Bloodflow

Typically newcomers to the sports nutrition industry start with common categories, or at least categories that have been common over the years, like protein powder, aminos, weight loss, and, of course, the high-powered world of pre-workouts. Diligent Self is an upcoming brand that’s going to go against those common debut categories with its first-ever supplement in the rather intriguing hybrid, Hydration X Bloodflow.

Diligent Self’s Hydration X Bloodflow is a product built specifically to support hydration and performance, as well as blood flow and muscle pumps. It’s a pre-workout and something you can take during your workout, with plenty of ingredients and dosages to provide noticeable effects in both areas. For hydration and performance, there is a host of electrolytes plus 1.5g of taurine, B vitamins, and reliable antioxidant vitamin C.

Diligent Self Hydration X Bloodflow Label

Then in the pump department, or blood flow as per the title of Diligent Self’s first-ever supplement, you get a robust 8g of pure citrulline, a gram of HydroPrime branded glycerol, and lastly, 6g of arginine. As mentioned, the newcomer has packed plenty into the product to deliver on both sides of its name — hydration and pumps — and it’s stimulant-free, so you can stack this with a stimulant pre-workout or use it after throwing one down.

Diligent Self is currently counting down to the launch of its hybrid supplement Hydration X Bloodflow, with about two weeks to go before stock arrives and the brand officially makes its debut. The product will carry a price sort of in between a hydration formula and premium pre-workout, not too high or too low at $42.99. That gets you a tub of 20 maximum servings or 40 half servings in a classic Cherry Limeade flavor.