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Australian Core Fury welcomes another four flavors including Apple Guava and Sour Candy

Four More Flavors For Australia Core Fury

Core Nutritionals revamped its powerhouse pre-workout Core Fury a few months ago, and despite the supplement undergoing changes throughout the years, this time around, the brand went with the name Core Fury Version 2. The long-running Core loaded the pre-workout with some impressive highlights, including 6g of pure citrulline, 2g of tyrosine to enhance focus, 3.2g of beta-alanine, and a combined 395mg of caffeine.

In addition to launching an all-new Core Fury, officially dubbed Core Fury Version 2, Core Nutritionals put together an alternative version for its fans down under in Australia, as we’ve seen it do for past iterations of the supplement. The rules and regulations are different in that part of the world, so there are quite a few differences between the Core Fury variants, including less caffeine and no performance-powering Senactiv.

Interestingly, Core Nutritionals sells both the regular and Australian Core Fury Version 2s through its online store, not just one here in the US and the other exclusively down under. The reason we’re bringing all of this up this week is the brand has gone and added to the menu of the Australian version of the product, with a massive four more flavors in Apple Guava, Sour Candy, Watermelon Grape, and Australian Gummy Snakes.

As per usual, Core Nutritionals is not launching its latest without some sort of a deal or discount, and the promotion for the flavor extensions of the Core Fury Version 2, specifically built for Australia, is get two for $99 in your choice of any of the four new tastes or already available three, instead of paying $54.99 each.