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Genius Gourmet makes a Crispy Protein Treat variety pack for Costco that’s 60% more cost-effective

Genius Gourmet Costo Exclusive Crispy Protein Treat Box

Genius Gourmet recently released its Rice Krispies-style protein snack in the Crispy Protein Treat, packing a moderate 10g of protein, just 2g of sugar, and a lean calorie count of 110. Genius Gourmet is actually from the same company that created one of the first Rice Krispies-type protein bars back in the day in the Ooh Snap Bar, which to this day, is still one of the softest and sweetest competitors we’ve tried with that approach.

Crispy Protein Treat is available directly through Genius Gourmet’s online store at $24.99 for a box of ten bars in your choice of Peanut Butter Chocolate, Vanilla Dream, and Salted Caramel flavors. The latest news from the brand around that product is you can now find it in Costco, specifically the South East region, and, of course, being available at the membership retailer, its cost-effectiveness there is significantly better.

Genius Gourmet’s Crispy Protein Treat comes in giant boxes of 20 bars, not ten, at Costco, and that is a variety pack of ten Salted Caramel and ten Vanilla Dream. As for the price, it’s $19.99, so not only do you get twice as many protein bars in the Costco-exclusive pack compared to the regular ten count, it’s drastically cheaper overall, working out to a ridiculously large saving of 60%.