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Fruit Punch gives fans of Kaged’s Creatine HCl a second actual flavor alongside Lemon Lime

Kaged Fruit Punch Creatine Hcl

Kaged has been in the creatine game for almost as long as it’s been around, introducing the standalone, ingredient-named Creatine HCl in unflavored powder and capsules shortly after its workout system of Pre-Kaged, In-Kaged, and Re-Kaged. The supplement has remained in the brand’s family since, and even got an alternative a few years back in the microencapsulated creatine monohydrate CreaClear, exclusively in unflavored powder, not capsules like Creatine HCl.

After Kaged originally introduced Creatine HCl, it got an actual flavor in the classic citrus recipe Lemon Lime, and now, all these years later, there is an additional taste to choose from outside of the stackable Unflavored and Lemon Lime. Hitting the Kaged online store this month is another traditional flavor for Creatine HCl in Fruit Punch, available in the same size tub as Lemon Lime with a total of 75 servings, and directly through, that’ll cost you a reasonable $24.99.

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