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Ekkovision passes its lower cost on Creatine to its fans dropping it to $22.49 for a 500g tub

Lower Price For Ekkovision Creatine

Anytime you can get the same supplements for slightly cheaper is a good thing, whether we’re talking a limited-time deal, some sort of celebratory promotion, or a discount via a coupon code from an athlete or ambassador. The team at the ever-expanding and fast-growing Ekkovision has just dropped the price of one of its essential standalone products in the ingredient-named Creatine, although this isn’t cheaper because of anything that’s only around for a limited amount of time.

Ekkovision has decided to lower the price of its bulk Creatine purely because its own cost of the supplement was brought down, and it wanted to give that back to the fans. The price drop has come alongside a restock of the product through the brand’s online store, where 100 serving tubs of Creatine in Unflavored and Candy Fish are once again available. The supplement now sits at $24.29 for flavored and $22.49 for no flavor when using any of Ekkovision’s coupon codes, such as “EKKO”.

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