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RAZE Energy is getting its first all-new flavor since Ginger Ale with Melon Apple Shock

Melon Apple Shock Raze Energy Drink

It has been some time since we’ve seen a new flavor from the hugely popular and two-time Clash Of The Cans-winning energy drink, RAZE Energy, which would be Ginger Ale launched around Black Friday of last year. That excludes the recently released RAZE Tea collection, featuring four different flavors, half of them completely new in Sweet Tea, Half & Half Lemonade, Green Tea, and White Peach, although that is an entirely separate beverage made with black tea, less caffeine, and it’s not carbonated.

RAZE has finally broken that no-new-flavor run today, unveiling its first extension to its original high-powered RAZE Energy drink since Ginger Ale with a genuinely intriguing taste combination all explained in its name with Melon Apple Shock. The product will indeed combine the classic flavors of watermelon and apple but with an eye-opening sour twist. The brand plans on making the sweet-sounding and obviously sour Melon Apple Shock RAZE Energy shortly through the brand’s website at

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