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Naughty Boy makes another special edition product exclusively for one of its distribution partners

Naughty Boy Protein Bargain Exclusive White Ice Menace

The two-time International Brand Of The Year and UK-based Naughty Boy showed its appreciation for a couple of its premier distributors recently by putting together a special edition product available only through them. The product is a version of the brand’s long-running stimulant pre-workout Menace featuring an alternative formula named The Business Menace, and it comes in an Apples & Pears flavor that stores can only get their hands on through Prometeus in Europe and Tropicana in the UK.

Naughty Boy has announced a similar sort of thing for a different supplement and separate partner also located in the UK. This time around, the brand has taken the regular version of its pre-workout Menace, simply named Menace, and created an intriguing flavor called White Ice. The sweet and frosty-sounding experience is exclusive to the wide reaching distributor Protein Bargain Wholesale, so if you’re a retailer wanting to get your hands on that, you’ll need to purchase Naughty Boy through them.