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RYSE debuts an all-out strawberry flavor for its energy drink alongside its launch at GNC

Pink Splash Ryse Fuel Energy Drink

RYSE has gone strength from strength over the last couple of years, massively expanding its selection of supplements with the likes of more premium and cost-effective competitors in the pre-workout category in the powerhouse Godzilla and Element Series Pre-Workout. Another move by the brand was the introduction of its hugely popular and authentically flavored RYSE Fuel energy drink, which just won our Clash Of The Cans contest.

The consistently rising RYSE has now found its way into another major retailer, one of the most prominent in the world of sports nutrition, with GNC, which has just started stocking the young and only one-year-old RYSE Fuel. While we definitely expect more products from the brand to make their way into the supplement store, currently, the energy drink is all you can see at, although there is a bit of a surprise with the launch.

GNC’s online store is listing the RYSE Fuel energy drink in the previously released Baja Cooler flavor, originally named Baja Burst, and a completely new sweet and refreshing strawberry experience called Pink Splash. This is the first availability of the Pink Splash RYSE Fuel, so if you’re a fan of the RYSE energy drink or just energy drinks in general, head to to get your hands on it at $29.99 for a case of 12, working out to $2.50 each.