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Fans can now get the strawberry flavor of CTRL’s meal replacement outside of GNC

Strawberries N Cream Ctrl Meal Replacement

Gaming meal replacement company CTRL recently revamped its original supplement, reformulating it from the ground up to have a much cleaner formula, high-protein nutrition profile, a refreshed look, and an improved taste. The replacement packs 23g of protein a serving, 17g of carbohydrates with only a gram of that sugar, 11g of healthy fats, and a calorie count of 230, plus all of its usual added vitamins and minerals.

CTRL relaunched its signature supplement in several familiar flavors, including the cereal-themed Fruity Flakes and Cinnamon Toast, and traditional tastes like Cookies N’ Cream. There is a sweet fruity option that has been around here and there in Strawberries N’ Cream, although fans may have noticed it’s not online. The strawberry-based taste was originally introduced as an exclusive at the sports nutrition retailer GNC.

Beginning this week, CTRL’s Strawberries N’ Cream meal replacement is no longer only at GNC, as the gaming brand has brought it to its online store at to go alongside its many other already available options. Straight from CTRL’s website, you’ll pay $39.99 for a bag of 15 servings, five less than the original at 20, and again, that comes with all of the great features of the reformulation from nutrition to flavor.

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