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Arrival of Wild Grape brings a second variety pack of Gorilla Mind Energy’s other four flavors

Variety Pack Two Gorilla Mind Energy Drink

Revealed last week and launching today, at precisely 1PM Eastern Time and 10AM Pacific, is Gorilla Mind’s eighth flavor overall for its uniquely and efficaciously dosed beverage, Gorilla Mind Energy. The latest flavor extension for the product is a grape-based taste named Wild Grape, covered in a bright and vibrant purple, although in a surprise turn of events, that’s not the only drink-related item the brand is dropping today.

Arriving today alongside the all-new Wild Grape Gorilla Mind Energy is a complete restock, with the three currently missing flavors finally returning, plus a variety bundle separate from the one the beverage officially debuted with. When the energy drink first hit the market, there were four flavors in Arctic White, Exotic Kiwi, Black Cherry Vanilla, and Orange Rush, and they came in a bundle with three of each at $39.99.

In combination with the drop of Wild Grape and the long-awaited restock of Strawberry Candy, Lychee Bomb, and Tiger’s Blood, Gorilla Mind is rolling out a second variety pack that has all of those flavors in one case. Basically, it’s a bundle of the Gorilla Mind Energy options that have been added to its menu since its April release, costing the same as the other variety set at $39.99, and it’s something we’re certainly jumping on.