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Reputable Alpha Neon formulates a loaded sequel to its more balanced pre-workout

Alpha Neon Maximum Carnage V2

The reputable Alpha Neon out of the UK has released a sequel to one of its stimulant pre-workouts in Maximum Carnage, which is more of a comprehensive, well-rounded experience. The supplement is indeed separate from its many Darkside competitors in the category, like Darkside, Darkside Onslaught, and Darkside Ultima, all featuring higher stimulant formulas, and we can confirm firsthand that they do deliver.

Maximum Carnage V2 has plenty of similarities to Alpha Neon’s original version, providing plenty of pump and performance-supporting ingredients; as mentioned, it has a stronger balance of benefits, not entirely driven by energy and focus. On the pump and performance side, a full serving of the supplement packs 6g of pure citrulline, 200mg of premium Amentopump, 2g of betaine, and beta-alanine at its usual 3.2g.

Filling out the other half of Alpha Neon’s sequel Maximum Carnage V2, there is a huge gram of CDP choline, 2g of n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and 800mg of the mushroom extract lion’s mane to elevate and enhance mental focus. Last but not least are the energizing components in the pre-workout, where you get a good amount of caffeine, but not quite as much as the likes of Darkside, at 244mg from caffeine anhydrous and guarana.

Alpha Neon is known for its highly effective competitors in the world of pre-workout, and it looks like it’ll have no trouble continuing that legacy with Maximum Carnage V2. It is the brand’s most expensive entry in the category so far, where its online store is selling full-size tubs with presumably 30 maximum servings at £39.99 (50.37 USD) in your choice of two flavors; a refreshing Raspberry Lemonade or sweet Rainbow Candy.