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Whey ISO is almost here and is also coming in a fourth Paddy Pimblett flavor collaboration

Applied Nutrition Paddy Cake Abe Whey Iso

The US arm of Applied Nutrition, which comes under the product name ABE, is getting ready to add another two supplements to its selection to go alongside its original ABE pre-workout and ABE energy drink. Those entries are the stacked, stimulant-free pre-workout ABE Pump, and a premium protein powder titled Whey ISO. The brand has shared even more information regarding the protein, including its complete nutrition profile and a bit of a surprise.

Firstly, the macros that we’ll be getting in every serving of ABE Whey ISO are relatively typical for an all-out whey isolate-powered protein powder, including 25g of protein, a gram of fat, 4g of carbohydrates with only a gram of that sugar, and 120 calories. The little surprise that’s come to light today is that there is actually another flavor of Whey ISO, separate from the previously named Loopy Fruits, Brownie Batter, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Airplane Cookie.

Flavor number five for Applied Nutrition’s upcoming and long-awaited ABE Whey ISO is, in fact, a collaboration with Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett. The taste the two have created is Paddy Cake, a strawberry shortcake-inspired experience, which is the fourth flavor Paddy has created with the brand, on top of Baddy Berry for the ABE pre-workout and energy drink, and the Paddy Punch BodyFuel. Whey ISO will be here shortly, in tubs of 27 servings over at