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Boba Tea continues to give back to Collagen Protein by way of more extensions this Saturday

Boba Tea Protein Mango Green Tea Collagen Protein

This coming Saturday, the unique protein specialist Boba Tea Protein is releasing more flavors for one of its newer supplements in the self-explanatory Collagen Protein, which didn’t launch that long ago in May of this year. As you can gather from the name, Collagen Protein is a protein powder that relies on collagen to provide its entire 10g of protein a serving with 60 calories, although that can be scaled, where if you prefer 20g of protein, simply double up, and that takes you up to 120 calories.

Boba Tea Protein debuted Collagen Protein in the lone and unique Lychee Oolong, then one month later, it added another equally intriguing flavor with Strawberry Hibiscus. The busy brand is back about a month after that second option, dropping two more extensions for the supplement, although only one is an actual flavor with Mango Green Tea. The other one is a neutral, stackable variant aptly named Unflavored, and again, they’re both launching this Saturday over at