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Sneak customizes a limited Superply deck for the launch of its milk-mixed Sneak Shake

Custom Skateboard For Sneak Shake

Sneak Shake is the latest and most intriguing product we’ve seen from the UK-based gaming supplement company in some time; where it’s brought an incredibly interesting flavor approach to its signature energy and focus-enhancing formula. The brand has crafted three flavors, unique for this type of supplement, that are more milkshake-themed than anything else, and it encourages users to mix them with milk instead of water.

Sneak Shake is going live on the brand’s website on the last day of the month, this coming Thursday, in all three of its flavors with Vanilla, Raspberry Creamsicle, and Caramel Latte, very different from its usual tastes like Tropikilla, Raspberry Lemonade, and Grape Crush. When that product line arrives, there is going to be a creative accessory, similar to the breakfast cereal for Breakfast Orange and katana for Yuzu and Mandarin.

Sneak is dropping its milk-mixed Sneak Shake alongside a custom Superply deck, or as the brand puts it, a Shakeboard, covered in artwork matching the upcoming supplements. Similar to the awesome katana, there is only going to be a limited number of units of the Shakeboard, and it will be exclusive to the brand’s UK and European online stores, where they’ll be available at £60 (75.45 USD) and €70 (75.68 USD), respectively.

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