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Sour Watermelon Candy debuts in Vitamin Shoppe alongside five other top selling flavors of Gorilla Mind Energy

Different Flavors Of Gorilla Mind Energy At Vitamin Shoppe

Gorilla Mind’s highly effective, energy and focus-supporting energy drink is going live at the major sports nutrition retailer, The Vitamin Shoppe, today, or at least officially it is. The brand and beverage have already been reported as showing up in stores and on shelves in some of Vitamin Shoppe’s many locations, but again, today is the official launch of the product, and we’ve got details on what actual options you’ll find there.

It was already confirmed Gorilla Mind has put together an all-new Sour Watermelon Candy Gorilla Mind Energy drink exclusively for The Vitamin Shoppe, which fans and regular shoppers will find alongside several other flavors. Of the eight previously released tastes for the beverage, five are being stocked by Vitamin Shoppe in Black Cherry Vanilla, Arctic White, Strawberry Candy, Orange Rush, and one of our favorites, Tiger’s Blood.

That means you’ll have to go somewhere else, like, if you want to try the other three flavors of the Gorilla Mind Energy drink, with Exotic Kiwi, Lychee Bomb, and Wild Grape. The price of Gorilla Mind’s standard-setting beverage is $3.49 a can, which is right in the mix with other energy drinks The Vitamin Shoppe carries like RYSE Fuel and Redcon1 Energy at $2.99, Ghost Energy at $3.29, and Jocko Go at $3.49.