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Dragon Pharma continues the creative flavors into the second half of the year in Miami Vibes

Dragon Pharma Miami Vibes Venom

Dragon Pharma hasn’t been pumping out too many new supplements this year, but it’s kept things incredibly exciting by way of several flavor extensions, and they’ve been special editions featuring creative tastes and awesome alternative label designs. We’ve seen the Brazil edition creations, Passionfruit and Caipirinha, then the seemingly industry-first Mexico editions Mangonada and Tamarindo, American Juice for the 4th Of July, and this week, the well-marketed brand has introduced Miami Vibes.

Miami Vibes is a sweet and fruity, cocktail-inspired recipe, and like all of those other tastes mentioned above in Caipirinha, Tamarindo, and so on, Miami Vibes has been produced for Dragon Pharma’s signature stimulant pre-workout Venom. Also, like those others, it has its own unique label design, separate from any of the standard flavors of Venom, dressed in a Miami Vice-style look. The brand is running a sale to go with the drop, where until midnight tonight, you get 35% off three or more supplements, which drops the Miami Vibes Venom from $49.99 down to $32.49.