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Fans of Dux now have a protein beverage to go alongside its many protein powders

Dux Nutrition Whey Protein Shake

Dux Nutrition in Brazil has a vast selection of protein powders with the simply named supplements Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, and Whey Protein Hydro, each named after their source of protein, and the Fresh Series products Fresh Whey and Fresh Vegan. The well-distributed brand has now added a more compact and convenient offering to its family of supplements in the ready-to-drink Whey Protein Shake.

Dux Nutrition’s Whey Protein Shake providing a solid high-protein nutrition profile, starting with 15g of protein entirely from whey and milk concentrate, and skimmed milk, under a gram of fat, a reasonably low level of carbohydrates at 4.4g, and a calorie count of 120. Those are the macros for the product’s Chocolate flavor, and they’re pretty much the same across the other three in Cookies, White Chocolate, and Dulce de leche.

The latest from Dux Nutrition basically gives fans that were already familiar with its many different protein powders an alternative for when they’re in a rush or on the move. Like all protein supplements in the RTD format, Whey Protein Shake is not as cost-effective as a traditional protein powder. The price of convenience, directly through the brand’s website, is R$11.90 (2.40 USD) or R$8.92 (1.80 USD) each for a pack of four.