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ESN turns its popular protein powder into a convenient ready-to-drink shake

Esn Designer Protein Shake

ESN is an absolute giant of a supplement company in Germany and other major markets across Europe, competing with a ridiculously large selection of products, from protein powders and pre-workouts through to functional foods and simple standalone items. In the area of protein, the ever-expanding brand has several competitors in traditional powder format as well as edible offerings like chips, baking mix, and of course, bars.

ESN has come out with a blend of those two styles of protein supplements here in the middle of the year, basically taking its popular protein powder, Designer Whey Protein, and making it more convenient and portable. The German sports nutrition company has released Designer Protein Shake, a protein-packed ready-to-drink product, providing a solid 38g of protein in a bottle entirely from low-fat milk and added milk protein.

While the protein in ESN’s Designer Protein Shake is nice and high, sitting well above the common 25g, the carbohydrates are also unfortunately up there at 24 to 25g a shake, all of that being sugar, plus 8.5g of fat, and a calorie count of 325 to 329. The product is intended to be an on-the-go version of Designer Whey Protein, although the carbohydrates are far from close as the protein powder has 23g of protein to just 2g of carbohydrates.

Designer Protein Shake is in stock and available for purchase directly through ESN’s online store as well as its many retail partners in a classic Vanilla flavor, a sweet and smooth Banana, and a cereal-themed experience in Cinnamon Cereal. Directly from the brand, the protein RTD comes at a cost of €3.90 (4.31 USD) for a half-liter bottle or €29.90 (33.02 USD) for a pack of eight.