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Focus-enhancing CognatiQ confirmed as a key component in the upcoming JetFuel energy drink

First Look At Jetfuel Energy Drink

After dropping its bomb of an announcement last week, the team behind the upcoming JetFuel Energy has taken the shadows off its beverage to give everyone a much better idea of what they’re in for. You can see the product in the image above, featuring the same logo from the many different JetFuel fat burners under GAT Sport, although the energy drink is intended to be a separate brand and line all on its own.

The first real look at the JetFuel Energy drink does include a few other important details outside of how the beverage is going to appear on shelves. The latest from the brand reveals two of its primary benefits in smooth energy and laser focus, so none of the weight loss effects the JetFuel family is known for. We’ve also got confirmation of one of its ingredients in the premium and proven cognitive enhancer CognatiQ.

CognatiQ is a widely used focus-supporting ingredient found in all sorts of supplements, from pre-workouts to gaming formulas and advanced nootropics. It was originally called NeuroFactor but was changed to CognatiQ last year, and it is only the name, the benefits and contents are the same. The component certainly adds a premium touch to JetFuel Energy and has us intrigued by what else is in there for energy and focus.

More details for the JetFuel Energy drink should be along soon, as it was only a few days ago the beverage was actually confirmed, and the first day of September is when it’s meant to become available. There are still plenty of worthwhile points and details to look out for, and we’ll be sharing them here at Stack3d as soon as we can get our hands on them.

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