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G Fuel announces a flavor collaboration with Blue Beetle the week it hits theaters

G Fuel X Blue Beetle Khaji Da Flavor

G Fuel is back with another new flavor to announce this week, and as is the case with most of its extensions to its selection of gaming-marketed supplements, this one is a collaboration, where it’s partnered with another company or individual to make the taste. Specifically, this is a film collaboration, something it’s done plenty of previously with the likes of Ron’s Gone Wrong, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Free Guy.

Many of the movies G Fuel has partnered with in the past, as well as TV shows, have been from the Marvel Universe, as seen in one of those examples mentioned with Spider-Man: No Way Home. The latest collaboration from G Fuel sees it switch to the world of DC Comics and get together with Blue Beetle, which is hitting theaters this Friday, and the flavor collaboration from them is named after Blue Beetle’s scarab.

G Fuel and Blue Beetle have made a flavor titled Khaji-Da, which is a tamarind agua fresca experience, specifically for the brand’s signature energy and focus-supporting supplement Energy Formula. The product is available for pre-order to ship in November, starting today for $64.99, through, and it comes in a special edition metal lunchbox, then on the inside is a tub of the product and a Blue Beetle print steel shaker.

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