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Prime introduces an eye-catching flavor called Glowberry for its signature hydration drink

Glowberry Prime Hydration Drink

Prime has announced an all-new flavor launching in precisely two days on Wednesday, the 30th of this month, and it is an incredibly intriguing effort where the brand has been creative on the inside and out. The name of the flavor is Glowberry, which is launching in the beverage company’s two major markets, the US and the UK, for two separate products, with a Glowberry Prime Hydration Drink and Glowberry Prime Hydration Sticks.

Prime has mixed things up on the branding of Glowberry, where instead of a single color bottle and its signature logo like its many other options, it’s covered in black, with apples and smiling faces in glowing green. Both products, the Glowberry Prime Hydration Drink and Glowberry Prime Hydration Sticks, have all of their usual ingredients and dosages, filled with electrolytes for hydration, amino acids, and almost no sugar at 1 to 2g.

Glowberry Prime Hydration Drink 1

What does Glowberry taste like

The name of Prime’s latest flavor creation — Glowberry — doesn’t say a whole lot about what it actually tastes like, although the green-colored apples and smiley faces throughout the packaging are intended to be a hint. On the back of the UK version of Glowberry Prime Hydration Drink, the flavor is officially outlined and described as Sour Apple Berry, so essentially a crisp apple and refreshing berry taste with a sour twist.

US and UK launch of Glowberry

Once again, both the Glowberry Prime Hydration Drink and Glowberry Prime Hydration Sticks are going live in the US at and in the UK at, this Wednesday. The US side of the beverage brand will have a few options to choose from for the products, with a case of Glowberry Prime Hydration Drink at $29.99, a box of Glowberry Prime Hydration Sticks at $13.99, or a bundle of both at a discounted $34.99.