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Gold Standard lightly breads its chicken bites for another delicious protein-packed option

Gold Standard Nutrition Panko Breaded Chicken

The delicious and nutritious Gold Standard Nutrition recently released bite-sized chicken pieces to go alongside its convenient and relatively straightforward Ready Cooked Chicken Breasts. With the product being mostly chicken, the macros are on point, with a solid 25g of protein between 120 to 130 calories. They’re available in three delicious flavors with Salt & Pepper, Spicy Fajita, and Hickory BBQ, and beginning today, there is a tasty breaded option.

Gold Standard Nutrition’s enjoyable and protein-packed chicken bites have launched in Panko Breaded Chicken, which is those same bite-sized pieces of chicken covered in crispy breadcrumbs, and that does add a fair amount of carbohydrates. A 100g serving of the product has 18g of protein, about a quarter less than the other options, 14g of fat, 18g of carbs, and a sizeable 269 calories.

Panko Breaded Chicken from Gold Standard Nutrition is clearly not as light or lean as the original three flavors of chicken bites, but knowing the brand, they’ll make up for the additional carbohydrates and calories when it comes to taste. The lightly breaded chicken is also a little more expensive than the Salt & Pepper, Spicy Fajita, and Hickory BBQ flavors at £15 (18.87 USD) for a 1kg bag of about 20 servings, or however you want to divide it up to fit your diet.