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Jet Social packs more respectable dosages in the new and improved version of its pre-workout

Jet Social Club Rocket Pre Workout

It wasn’t too long ago the still relatively young and growing sports nutrition company Jet Social Club rocketed into the pre-workout category — logo pun intended — with Rocket Fuel, its second-ever supplement, following Rocket Hydration. The brand is getting ready to roll out a sequel or new and improved version to that eight-month-old pre-workout, which has a slightly different name, in simply Rocket, instead of Rocket Fuel.

The ingredients powering Jet Social Club’s Rocket pre-workout is similar to Rocket Fuel but with much more respectable dosages. The original had a reasonable variety of components supporting core benefits, including energy, focus, pumps, and performance; however, some of its dosages could have been higher. The only consistent component between Rocket Fuel to Rocket is 5g of citrulline malate in a maximum two-scoop serving.

Filling out the rest of the formula is the more common 3.2g dose of beta-alanine immproving proving performance and endurance, a full 2.5g of betaine instead of the light 250mg, and a double-sized electrolyte blend at 500mg. Jet Social Club has then added half a gram of choline bitartrate and 100mcg of huperzine to enhance mental focus, replacing the previously responsible 100mg of alpha-GPC, then lastly, a nice dose of caffeine to drive home some energy at 300mg up from Rocket Fuel’s 250mg.

Jet Social Club is launching its improved competitor for the incredibly saturated pre-workout category shortly, directly through its online store at We’re not sure about what kind of price it’ll be with all of the tweaks and changes it’s undergone, especially with all of those increased dosages, but Rocket’s predecessor debuted at a discounted $28.99, down from $36.99, so it is suitably priced around that mainstream level.