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Klout pre-workout KAIO gets its first flavor extension since launch but it’s only around for a limited time

Klout Orange Creamsicle Kaio

It wasn’t that long ago that the fast-growing and well-marketed Klout launched its premium pre-workout offering KAIO; it also wasn’t that long ago we got the stimulant-free pump and performance-powering spin-off, KAIO Pump & Performance. A few months after the debut of the original KAIO, packing highlights like 3.2g of beta-alanine, 150mg of CognatiQ, and a combined 2.25g of NO3-T nitrates, the young brand has announced the first flavor extension for the well-rounded pre-workout.

When Klout introduced its KAIO pre-workout, it had two tastes to choose from in Psycho Serum and Cosmic Dust. Since that launch, the supplement’s menu has gone unchanged until today, when the brand has added a third flavor to its most advanced competitor in the fierce pre-workout category. Going alongside Psycho Serum and Cosmic Dust is the citrusy smooth and limited time creation Orange Creamsicle, which is live today at and GNC, where KAIO costs $59.99 for a full-size tub.

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